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11:11 Make A Wish

Today is 11/11!

Why are ones the most magical numbers we love? We make wishes with them and use them as signs of good fortune. Well, I can say for certain I’m in love with “ones” because 1 is My Life Journey Number!

A lit candle inside a delicious green cupcake with white frosting
Make A Wish 11:!1

The Life Path Number 1 is associated with leadership, independence, and a strong sense of individuality. When you walk in this life journey of 1 you possess the ability to be a natural-born leader who is driven by a powerful desire to achieve your goals and make a significant impact on the world. Still, many without this number vibrating in their energy charts can possess these abilities.

So to go deeper, A 1 journey can be ambitious, determined, and possess a pioneering spirit that propels them to initiate new ideas and ventures all the time, not just some of the time. They are always seeking the NEW! As a 1 your independence is a hallmark trait and you prefer to carve your own channels of movements to embrace challenges with divine grace.

Meanwhile, your assertiveness and self-reliance can lead to impressive accomplishments. So, it's essential for you as a 1 to balance your drive with a willingness to collaborate and consider the perspectives of others. Overall, being a Number 1 signifies your journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and the pursuit of Excellence!

While others may pursue happiness, you are generally happy just being you! So be careful that no one is drawing your precious power for their success. Be in your power at all times with divine grace.

What does 11:11 actually mean and all the combined ones signify? It is my pleasure to share and exchange with you my knowledge for your presence and participation. So, when you see these lines go ahead and… Make a wish!

I = Begin

II = Start

III = Love

IIII = Cleanse

IIIII = Change

IIIIII = Learn

IIIIIII = Elevate



Gratitude for Reading,

Jah Crystal

P.S. Happy Birthday to all members born on 11/11! You are amazing :-)


The word path vibrates the meaning anus always and is the denotation of understanding physical materialized healing and diseases. The correct vibration and frequency is road or journey.

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