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Ghetto LOVE!

"Don’t you know that it’s true, that for me and for you the world is a ghetto."

Is the world a ghetto love for you? Has you love life become seemingly ghetto? The reality beyond the current trend of the word ghetto has been truly forsaken. The word ghetto comes from: to-gather forming the word together meaning 2 or more persons joining in a community of hope and support in love. However, these “special” areas of life have become inundated with the sorcery and witchcraft of a neigh-bor-hood turning a safe space for primordial souls of love into a degrading space causing fear and detriment.

tennis shoe hanging from a power line with the blue sky lit up with red on the left corner of the picture and white clouds

The effects are low valued property margins and undesired communities for growth or investment destroying the wealth of your families.

And although the word ghetto is now used out of pretext in a degrading form, most people can’t help themselves to still use it. And strangely, regardless of all the degradation surrounding the word "ghetto", people are drawn to the use of the word: ghetto. Because even though due to sorcery and witchcraft the reception has changed; the essence of the vibration of the word stays the same. Ghetto is still love.

So, as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end you’ll find, especially through the act of gentrification, ghettos are becoming once again a desirable place to live, and have become surrounded in a community of love for hope and support.

The real question is: Will Afro-American primordial souls of love who initiated this movement together over 500 years ago be sincerely involved in these new communities? There are 2 answers.

  1. To those who move in alignment with their source creator YHWX, the answer is no.

  2. To those who move out of alignment with their source creator YHWX, the answer is yes.


Afro melanated primordial souls of love will always seek to commune and create with each other and all primordial souls of love in alignment with source. Thus, new ghettos will form in glory. Now, will these new areas be systematically attacked through sorcery and witchcraft again to be degraded and destroyed?

No, Not this time. This time, we move in our soul power from our blessed and beautiful primordial soul of love YHWX. When you become enlightened and see the true reality of your life within and beyond this world, you'll see the true gathering and coming together is truly spiritual--not physical. The unification of your movements together is held together by the figments of collective thoughts, meditations, and prayers fueled by Love: the center of your spiritual heart and soul desires (not carnal).

The time is now to inhale and exhale a cleansing over the degradation of your life from culture, politics, and religion. Embrace a Ghetto LOVE that exalts your soul and rebuke what condemns your existence.

Gratitude for reading. I hope these words embrace you to enlighten, encourage, and elevate your soul.

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