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How to Meet Someone Without Dating

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

How many times have you been married? How many relationships have you personally had so far in your life? How many hookups? How many dates, meet-ups, and so forth? All of these experiences you have experienced are actually forms of relationships. And yes, dating is a form of relationship. Now let me clarify: dating isn't the relationship itself, neither is marriage. Most feel or believe dating is a type of relationship. In reality, dating and even marriage is a cycle within a relationship.

In every personal relationship you have cycles just like the earth has seasons. These seasons and cycles come without stopping. And who would want to? Stopping a season within the earth could have detrimental effects to the environment. The same goes for a relationship. A relationship has cycles and they need to come and go for a healthy relationship to thrive and prosper.

Dating is defined as sharing an intimate space with someone to become familiar with them better. Here's a painful revelation you may choose to ignore: once you share an intimate space with someone the relationship has begun. And with multiple dating overtime this can breed toxic and lingering energetic residue dampening the shine on your divine aura field.

So, how do you meet a potential divine partner without actually dating? I like to call these ventures observable meetups from a distance or in a group setting. And there are 2 ways to effectively achieve this.

The first way is called Distance Dating. You observe someone from a distance through writing, email, texting, and voice calling. The second way is through Group Dating. You attend group activities that require group participation like dinner parties, or bowling. Both types allow you to observe a person's character and spiritual energy. These two types of explorations should go on long enough to observe family life, friends and company, work habits, spirituality, and their health including mental well-being.

Attraction is real. The universal law of attraction is the foundation of your cosmic sparks with someone. You want to attract someone who matches your glory, not your pain. So these observations play a huge role in discovering the basis for the attraction. You need a safe space to make this happen. And this is what we offer at Mystic Matchmaking: A private relationship forum and matchmaking platform to expand your aura and meet like-minded individuals without actually dating. At Mystic Matchmaking you can avoid the drama of an unwanted relationship and embrace the opportunity to attract a divine soulmate.

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