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The Magic of A Christmas Kiss

The Magic of A Christmas Kiss

a woman and a man standing in the winter snow leaning forward towards each other giving each other a soft magical Christmas kiss

While the winter season often beckons you to slow down and seek solace within, the bustling festivities surrounding Christmas can lead you astray from this intended tranquility. Amidst the cheerful gatherings and vibrant decorations, there exists a deeper longing and sense of isolation that permeates the air and tugs at your heart and soul during this time of year.

Christmas, observed exactly 4 days following the winter solstice, bears a mystical essence woven with intricate threads of esoteric symbolism. Yet, obscured within these traditions lies a subtle misalignment within your inner self, a dissonance or discord that pulls you away from the divine sanctity of your soul.

It’s easy to overlook the deeper significance of witchcraft and sorcery within this holiday amidst the material trappings and societal expectations. However, there exists a profound truth amidst this chaos—an understanding that transcends the superficial facade of all the festivities.

You may view Christmas through a lens tinted with religion and unknowingly partake in forbidden rituals that drain the essence of your divine soul love. This becomes a generational curse with each generation celebrating the holidays without a knowledge of the true intent. Yet, fret not, for every curse exists within it the ability of liberation—a moment to rediscover the true intent behind these celebrations.

Now enters the enchanting remedy: The Magic of A Christmas Kiss. This isn’t merely an act of romance or fairy tale, but a mystical union that transcends the physical realm. Scientifically, it’s believed that such an intimate connection releases ethereal endorphins, emitting wavelengths that pierce through the spiritual layers, transcending the boundaries of mere physicality.

This ethereal phenomenon touches the depths of your spiritual being, surpassing the superficiality of physical attraction. It ignites an electrical impulse within, a surge of energy that quickens your heartbeats and amplifies the flow of life force within you.

Beyond the conventional understanding of LOVE, the magic of a “A Christmas Kiss”, symbolizes a profound bind—one that resonates with the core of your existence, aligning you with the universal energy source (YHWX) that created the entire cosmos.

Amidst the glittering lights and merry tunes, don’t lose sight of the deeper essence of this winter season. Your understanding should go beyond the exchange of material gifts or the elaborate feasts into a sacred time to heal and restore your spiritual energy within your inner self and help others on a deep soulful and spiritual level for the collective elevation, liberation, and soul enlightenment.

So, as you navigate through this festive period, I pray you find solace in the embrace of a genuine heart and soul—a touch, a word, or perhaps even the magic of “A Christmas Kiss”, that transcends the mundane and touches the very essence of your divine primordial soul of love.

Gratitude for reading,

Jah Crystal

P.S. Love ❤️:  Merry (Mary) Christ-Mas to all the Anointed Moon Mamas of the Terras, Suns, and Moons! You are the Chris within every essence of our blessed and beautiful primordial souls of love.

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